Marble Grinding Plant

Marble Grinding

Marble is recrystallized limestone, the main component is CaCO3. There are many colors, usually with obvious patterns, and many mineral particles. Mohs hardness is 2.5-5.

Grinding Processing
LM System
LUM System
MTW System
XZM System

1. Crushing stage: The bulk material is crushed to feed fineness (15mm-50mm) of the mill.
2. Grinding stage: Small pieces satisfying the grinding conditions are grinded into powder in the grinding chamber.
3. Classification stage: The material after grinding is classified by the separator.
4. Pulverizing stage: Fine powder enters the pulverizing system. The finished powder is sent to the warehouse, and then packed.


Application: used in architecture field

Production fineness: 80-200mesh of marble powder

Marble powder is mainly used in building, interior and exterior wall coating, chemical raw material filling, weighting, paper making, various sealants and other chemical products.

Application: used as raw material for plastics, rubber, etc.

Production fineness: 250-300mesh

It can be used as raw materials for plastics, rubber, coatings and waterproof materials.

Application: used in the manufacture of ointment, soap,etc.

Production fineness: 400-600mesh

It is used in the manufacture of ointment, soap, etc.

Application: used in cable, PVC filler, etc.

Production fineness: >800mesh

It can be used in rubber, plastics, cable, PVC filler and other fields.

Application: used for raw material production of paint, paint grade products, ink, etc.

Production fineness: >1250mesh

It can be used to produce PVC, PE, paint, paper primer, paper surface coating, ink, etc.

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