LM Vertical Roller Mill

LM Vertical Roller Mill integrates medium crushing, drying, grinding, classifying and other functions into a whole. It is the ideal equipment in the grinding industry.


Key Parameters

For Vertical Mineral Mill Series:

Min. Output Size: 325mesh

Max. Capacity: 300t/h

Min. Power: 55Kw


For Vertical Coal Mill Series:

Max. Input Size: 50mm

Max. Capacity: 140t/h

Min. Power: 45Kw


For Vertical Slag Mill Series:

Max. Input Size: 70mm

Min. Output Size: 325meshes

Max. Capacity: 160t/h

Min. Power: 200Kw


  • Low operation costs.
  • Simple and reliable operation. Its automatic control system can reach remote control, which is easy to operate; there is the device to prevent roller sleeve from contacting with disc liner directly to avoid the destructive impact and severe vibration.
  • Energy conservation and environmental protection. It features small vibration, low noise, and sealing device as a whole, and the system also works with no pressure and dust spills.


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