Limestone Crushing Plant

Limestone Crushing

The main components of limestone is CaCO3, and Mohs hardness is 3. There are quicklime and hydrated lime.

Crushing Processing
Sand Making

1. Crushing Processing
Limestone crushing generally requires only simple ore washing. Limestone generally adopts dry crushing technology. For metallurgical and road limestone, the ore can be crushed and screened.
2. Grinding Processing
(1) Feeding system: Limestone enters the bucket elevator. And then it is sent to the raw material warehouse for grinding.
(2) Grinding system: Material is sent to grind. After grinding, the finished product is collected by separator and collector, and is fed to screw conveyor.
(3) Product conveying system: The finished products are conveyed to the finished warehouse. The excess gas is filtered by the dust collector.
(4) Dust removal system: The whole system is equipped with three pulse dust collectors to ensure that the whole system is free of dust leakage.
(5) Control system: The system is equipped with intelligent PLC control cabinet and upper computer.


Application: for quicklime

Production fineness: 0-5mm

CaO (or quicklime) is made of limestone after calcination. It is generally in block shape and used in water quality treatment, asphalt improvement, building materials, medicine, etc.

Application: for hydrated lime

Production fineness: 0-5mm

Ca(OH)2 is the main component of hydrated lime, which is used in environmental protection, medicine, food and other industries.

Application: highway construction, mixing station, etc.

Production fineness: 0-5-10-20-31.5mm

Limestone can be used in road construction and other fields after crushing and screening.

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