VSI6X Sand Making Machine

The demand for sand is increasing sharply while the quarrying of the natural sand is strictly limited in China because of environment protection. To bridge the gap between the lack of natural sand and the development of infrastructure, machine-made sand catches people’s eyes. VSI6X Sand Making Machine is the result of upgrading and optimization of previous sand making machines. After it was put on the market, it wins supports from many customers.


Key Parameters

Max. Handling Capacity: 583t/h (reshaping); 486t/h (sand making)

Max. Input Size: 60mm (reshaping); 50mm (sand making)

Min. Power: 90Kw×2



  • "Rock on Rock" and "Rock on Iron" Crushing

    The upgraded cavity takes two kinds of crushing modes ---"rock on rock" (Crushing happens when rocks hit each other)and "rock on iron"(Crushing happens when rocks hit the iron plates.) Both the material linear of "rock on rock" and counter block structure of "rock on iron" receive special designs to improve the crushing efficiency.

  • New structure design of the key parts

    In order to ensure the performance of the equipment, the structures of key parts on VSI6X series sand making machine are optimized, such as the impeller, the bearing cylinder, and the main body. Several national patent technologies ensure the high yield, high efficiency and low cost of the crushing equipment during operation.

  • Lower Costs during Usage and Maintenance

    Some parts and technologies of VSI6X sand making machine get improved. The life expectancy of quick-wear parts is extended. Under the same operation situation, the life expectancy of key quick-wear parts is 30-200% longer than that of previous equipment.

    VSI6X sand making machine is equipped with simple lifting device. When the equipment needs maintenance, the lifting of the impeller and the bearing cylinder doesn’t need extra large lifting devices, greatly lowering the maintenance difficulty of the equipment.

  • Safer and More Reliable Operation

    When designing the VSI6X sand making machine, SBM took full consideration of safety and reliability. The more stable and reliable dual-motor drive and automatic diluted oil lubrication are adopted and at the same time, the gunk and the maintenance platform is optimized to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment operation.

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