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F5X Vibrating Feeder

F5X Series Vibrating Feeder is designed and used in heavy-load operation. It boasts vibration intensity as large as 4.5G and extremely firm chute body structure. Its maximum capacity is 1600t/h, maximum feeding size 1.5m and volume of standard bin 25~45 m³. It is able to bear 80 m³ of pressure from material bin. It is suitable for poor conditions like heavy compartment pressure, high load and heavy shock during primary feeding.


Key Parameters

Max. Handling Capacity: 1600t/h

Max. Input Size: 1500mm

Min. Power: 15Kw



  • Super-heavy chute body structure

    It has firm chute body structure and bears heavy compartment pressure, heavy impact load and high strength of machine body, which is the precondition to satisfy thick segmental feeding as a qualified primary vibrating feeder.

  • Strong vibration intensity, large operation capacity.

    The vibration intensity is up to 4.5G, which is 30% larger than traditional devices. In the same specification, it has more operation capacity.

  • With FV super vibrator, it is efficient, reliable and convenient.

    F5X is equipped with FV super vibrator just like a heart, which achieves reliable operation, convenient maintenance and interchange of components. The lubricating maintenance period is up to 1500 hours.

  • Adequate rods, high efficiency of pre-screening function

    It uses rods consisting of NM wear-resistant steel and ordinary steel which have long lifetime, high efficiency of screening and convenient installation and adjustment. The opening set of rods can be adjusted within range of 80-200mm. The ladder drop structure of two-section rods makes material secondly broken scattered and sifts out thin stuff to reduce the load of primary crusher greatly.



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