2021-11-22 14:16:35

Jaw crusher is very commonly used primary crushing equipment. It is generally used in mountain areas and under severe environment, so the regular maintenance and overhaul is necessary. Here, we mainly talk about the frequent problems and solutions in the jaw crusher working process.

jaw crusher working site

Problem: The jaw plates shake and sound like metal crash

Reason: the jaw plates loosen and the fixed bolts loosen or part.

Solution: stop the crusher and knock the fixed iron wedge with a hammer and then tighten the loosen bolt or replace the broken one.

jaw plates

Problem: the final products size increases

Reason: the lower part of the jaw plates damage badly or the adjustment device loosens.

Solution: adjust the discharge opening size by decreasing its size or replace the damaged jaw plate with a new one.

Problem: the back side of toggle plate parts frequently

Solution: the toggle plate is mainly used to transfer driving force and protect the jaw crusher because of its lower strength. The toggle plate parts because it cannot overcome the force produced by crushing and also might because of the pressure from the spring. To solve this problem, the operator should loosen the spring in a proper degree.

Problem: when the machine idling, there is a sound of metal crash in the lower part

Solution: there might be three reasons about this problem.

Firstly, the undersize of the discharge opening causes the clashes of fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate, which leads to the metal crash sound. In this case, the operator should adjust the discharge opening timely. Secondly, when there is a sound in the supporting device of toggle plate or in the gasket adjusting device, it is because that the movable jaw plate, the toggle plate and the main body are not tightly compact, which makes the head of toggle plate clashes the supporting device or the gasket adjusting device. The operator should tighten up the nut until the sound disappears. The last reason might be that the supporting slider of toggle plate wears or loosens badly. The operator should change the slider.

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