Solution To Blockage Of Discharge Port Of Jaw Crusher

2022-01-24 14:10:30

Causes of blockage of jaw crusher discharge port

1. When the jaw crusher is running, the material is crushed by the circuit movement between the movable jaw and the fixed jaw. When the movable jaw is far away from the fixed jaw, it is the process of discharging. Once this process, the falling speed of the material is slow. , a large amount of material is blocked in the crushing cavity, which will cause the phenomenon that the discharge port of the jaw crusher is blocked.

2. The main transmission method of the jaw crusher is to drive the flywheel to rotate at high speed through the V-belt, and in order to drive the pulley, two conditions must be met: first, the motor power is sufficient; second: the V-belt is strong enough. Generally prone to failure is the V-belt. If the V-belt is loose and broken, a large amount of materials cannot be crushed in the crushing cavity, and then blocked in the crushing cavity and cannot be discharged, resulting in blockage.

3. Another reason that easily causes the discharge port of the jaw crusher to be blocked is that the fastening bushing of the eccentric shaft of the jaw crusher is loose. When the bushing of the eccentric shaft is loose, the eccentric shaft will be stuck, and the eccentric shaft cannot When it rotates, the movable jaw cannot continue to rotate, so that the discharge port is blocked and the material cannot come down.

4. The motor of the jaw crusher needs a certain voltage to work normally. If the voltage of the jaw crusher is too low, it will not have enough power to drive the equipment to crush the material, so a large amount of stone will be blocked in the crushing cavity. , causing blockage to stop.

5. The main bearing of the jaw crusher is the main power component for rotating and crushing the material of the equipment. If the main bearing fails, if it is damaged, it will seriously affect the production performance of the jaw crusher, and eventually the discharge port of the jaw crusher will be blocked.

How to prevent the blockage of the crusher discharge port

1. Pay attention to ensure that the hardness of the material is within the tolerance range of the equipment;

2. Prevent the unbreakable objects from entering the crushing cavity;

3. Screen the large particle size materials in advance, and only allow the materials that meet the feed particle size to enter;

4. Increase the discharge opening without affecting the fineness;

5. The angle of the jaw plate of the discharge port should not be parallel;

6. Control the moisture content of the material to avoid sticking on the jaw plate;

7. Always clean the debris in the crushing chamber and add lubricating oil to enhance the lubricity of the parts.

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Jaw crusher discharge opening adjustment method

According to the different types of equipment, there are basically three ways to adjust the discharge opening of jaw crusher:

(1) Hydraulic adjustment: The rear thrust plate is used as the safety device of the crusher. The jaw crusher adopts hydraulic safety device, which is not only reliable and safe, but also easy to discharge faults.

(2) Gasket adjustment: Use the jacking bolt to open the adjustment seat, and place or remove a set of gaskets of equal thickness between the rear thrust plate support and the rear wall of the frame. By increasing or decreasing the number of gasket layers, the discharge port of the crusher is reduced or enlarged.

(3) Adjustment of support device: It refers to the bearing part of the jaw crusher, which generally adopts the sliding bearing cast with babbitt alloy. Perform forced lubrication.

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