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VU aggregate optimization system adopts highly intensive tower type totally enclosed layout, integrating efficient sand making, shaping optimization, stone powder control, grading adjustment and environmental protection treatment. The performance of manufactured sand is comparable to that of natural sand, which creates new opportunities and values for the development of sandstone, cement and concrete industry chain.

The VU aggregate optimization system can meet the production requirements of different fineness modulus, such as: 2.36-4.75mm, 1.18-2.36mm, 0.6-1.18mm, 0.15-0.3mm.
vu sand

Shaping Optimization

the core equipment of Vu system - sand making machine combined with high frequency "stone striking" and "material cloud" grinding technology, can effectively eliminate needle and sheet materials, remove sharp edges and corners in gravel, and make the finished sand mainly with high squareness or sphericity, with more round grain shape;

Efficient Sand Making

  • ➤ the integrated dry screening technology greatly improves the screening accuracy and efficiency, and reduces the screen area by more than 50% compared with the traditional process;
  • ➤ single equipment performance improvement and process reasonable connection, the same power consumption is small, processing capacity is 5-10% higher than similar processes at home and abroad;
  • ➤ the new anti-wear design and material upgrading significantly extend the service life of wear-resistant parts and greatly reduce the downtime and maintenance time;

VU aggregate optimization system
Stone Powder Control

  • ➤ the powder content (0-0.15mm) in the finished sand can be kept stable and can be adjusted freely between 3-15% by using dry method;
  • ➤ the stone powder separated by dry method is dry and clean, which is convenient for unified recovery and comprehensive utilization.

Reasonable Gradation

  • ➤ the Comprehensive Abrasion breaking effect and controllable and adjustable screening design make the grading of finished sand adjustable.
  • ➤ thanks to the innovation of impact crushing technology, the proportion of fine sand of 0.15-0.6mm is greatly increased, and the proportion of coarse sand of 2.36-4.75mm is decreased, which makes the grading of finished sand continuous, significantly improves the fluidity of finished sand and reduces the void ratio;

Environmental Protection

  • ➤ totally enclosed transportation and production, combined with negative pressure dust removal design, make the production site free of dust;
  • ➤ full dry production and screening process, zero sewage and sludge discharge;
  • ➤ adopt the design of powder storage material monitoring and automatic expansion discharge to ensure no overflow during the transportation of stone powder;
  • ➤ the dry-type powder removal and separation technology ensures the dry and clean stone powder, and is easy to be processed and comprehensively used.
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