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In recent years, the “forbidden mining” and “limited mining” of natural sand have provided a broad development space for the mechanism sand and the sand making machine, the mechanism sand has appeared more and more frequently in various construction projects. However, the quality of the mechanism sand is also good or bad. Only high-quality machine sand can better meet the production requirements of high-performance concrete, and it is more popular with the downstream market to create higher added value.
vu sand making system

Then, how to identify the quality of the mechanism sand? The performance index of the construction sand technology should be considered from the aspects of fineness modulus, particle gradation, stone powder content, firmness, light substance and alkali aggregate reaction.

Excluding the characteristics of the masterbatch itself, from these perspectives, the performance of the fine-grained sand is mainly as follows:

  • Fineness modulus: 2.3~3.2
  • Particle Gradation: Zone II Sand
  • Stone powder content: 3%-15% (MB value: ≤1.4)
  • Water content: sand for concrete - saturated surface (3% -5%); sand for dry mortar (<0.5%)

In contrast, unqualified mechanical sand often has problems such as high content of needle-like particles, unreasonable gradation, and high content of stone powder, which is difficult to meet the demand for construction sand. In addition, in contrast, in the preparation of concrete, the fine machine sand has the following advantages:

  • 1. The initial slump of the concrete prepared by the fine mechanical sand has better performance, greater expansion, less loss over time, and superior performance of concrete.
  • 2. Due to the use of grading adjustment technology, the fine-grained sand grading is more reasonable and the mud content is less. Therefore, the amount of concrete admixture is less.
  • 3. The fine-grained sand shape is a multi-faceted round body with small void ratio, better bonding ability with cement slurry, and concrete is more compact.
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