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How to Set up Rock Crushing Plant

Rock crushers come in many shapes and sizes, from the strictly handheld to the complex industrial sizes, which can crush tons of rock and ore in one day. Making your own rock crusher invariably requires you or someone you know to possess some basic welding skills.

Iron is the ore of choice when it comes to breaking rocks into hand-sized pieces, and a skilled or even semi-skilled welder are the only people who can shape iron. This particular kind of rock crusher is perfect for small scale crushing activities.
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Rock processing operations may include crushing, screening, size classification, material handling operation. Rock crushing is the integral stage in stone production line. In rock crushing application, after loosen from deposit, the rock materials will be conveyed by belt conveyor to primary crusher. Jaw crusher, impact crusher, or gyratory crushers are usually used in primary reduction. The crushed product, normally 7.5 to 30 cm, and the undersize material are discharged onto a belt conveyor and conveyed as coarse aggregates.

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Primary crushing: normally produce particle size about 7.5 to 30 centimeters in diameter by jaw crusher, impact crusher, or gyratory crusher.

Secondary crushing: produce materials about 2.5 to 10 centimeter by cone crushers or impact crushers.

Tertiary crushing: final products about 0.50 to 2.5 centimeters by cone crusher or VSI crusher.

In order to successfully set up a rock crushing plant, you need to make a complete business plan and project report for crushing plant. This can potentially save you some serious time and money!

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