2019-11-22 11:00:58

Several years ago, giving due consideration to the current environmental problems and market needs, our company has put on the market a good number of new mobile crushers which are capable of finely crushing debris from demolished concrete structures and processing the crushed debris into reusable aggregates. The newly-developed mobile impact crusher is equipped with an entirely new impact-type crusher that can crush concrete debris into kaolin of desired size more efficiently than the conventional crusher. Here is the detailed information of kaolin mobile impact crusher processing plant.
Mobile Kaolin Processing Plant

Kaolin which is put into the impact crusher are crushed into small pieces as they are repeatedly hit to impact plates by blow bars set on a rotor which rotates at a high speed. Compared with compression-type crushers, such as the jaw crusher, the impact crusher produces pieces which are mostly rotundate in shape and is used as a secondary crusher or granulator. Since the impact crusher is 1.5 to 2 times higher in crushing ratio than the jaw crusher, it is suitable to produce aggregates of comparatively small particle size. Kaolin mobile impact crusher is equipped with a feeder and a conveyor appropriate to the crusher width to allow for efficient crushing work.

Since the kaolin mobile impact crusher turns at high speeds during crushing operation, it is necessary to adjust or replace worn blow bars and impact plates. Since the gaps between those plates affect the size of crushed debris materially, properly adjusting the gaps that have been increased by worn plates is important maintenance item for the crusher. With the conventional crushers, adjusting the gaps required moving up or down suspended rods by adjustment nuts.

The operation of the kaolin mobile impact crusher consists mainly of starting the work equipment, monitoring it in its neighborhood, and taking necessary corrective measures if some abnormal condition (e.g., a clogged crusher internal mechanism) occurs. Normally, there is no need for the operator to board the machine. Therefore, the control panel is installed at such a position on the machine that affords easy access of the operator on the ground. This minimizes the need for the operator to get on and off the machine.

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