2019-10-17 13:52:19

The mobile sand making machine is a kind of movable vehicle sand making and shaping equipment. Compared with the traditional fixed sand making machine, the whole machine is more flexible in transition, which does not need to be fixed by piling, does not need to disassemble equipment for the transfer, and occupying land. The folding structure has a small footprint and is suitable for sand making operations with strong fluidity and narrow environment.

mobile sand making machine

Mobile sand making machine can replace one production line for operation, which integrates four functions of feeding, screening, sand making and conveying, and the overall coordination is good, with strong mobility, and can be directly opened to the site for sand processing.

It can also be connected with other mobile sand and stone equipment including mobile feeders, crushers and vibrating screens. Not only the production output is higher, but also can be applied to more kinds of materials sand processing, so no matter which operation mode of the mobile sand making machine, it has been favored by the majority of users.

The mobile sand making machine has reliable structure, excellent working strength, high degree of automation, saving production cost, good fluidity, supporting the whole machine to move and shift, and multiple advantages, making the sand making operation easier.

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