Machine-made Sand Production Line

2019-10-22 10:14:17

The machine-made sand production line is a special industrial production line for the production of sand and stone for construction, which is composed of sand making machine and other auxiliary equipment. In the sand production line, sand of different specifications and sizes can be processed according to different process requirements, and the processed finished products have good grain shape and high grading.

machine-made sand production line

The sand production line has a wider range of applications. Due to factors such as limited technology, traditional sand production lines require high demand for raw materials. Professional sand making machine manufacturers overcome technical difficulties and expand the use of raw materials. At present, the raw materials commonly used in sand production lines include limestone, basalt, silicon carbide, ore, iron ore and other raw materials. The finished aggregate of sandstone has high hardness and no tension, and widely used in various construction, high-speed rail, airport construction and other fields.

Flow chart of sand production line

The whole sand production line has a high degree of automation and low operating costs. With the rapid development of production technology of heavy industry equipment, the technology of sand making machine and its supporting equipment in sand making production line is updated rapidly and the degree of automation is high. In the daily production process, the sand making production line is equipped with advanced computer operating system, which can ensure the whole the production process is smooth, easy to operate and reliable. In addition, no manual operation is required except for the startup and shutdown of the equipment and daily inspection and maintenance, which reduces labor costs and reduces the overall operating cost of the user.

Sand making machine and its supporting equipment have long service life and convenient maintenance. In the sand production line, there are many kinds of equipment required, and the hardness of artificial sand is relatively large, so the wear parts of these equipments wear faster. Therefore, the wearing parts developed by combining the existing production technology and new wear-resistant materials not only have high wear resistance and low maintenance and replacement frequency, but also the service life of the whole sand production line equipment is extended, and the equipment maintenance cost is low.

Reasonable matching of sand production line, high user income. Each user's production demand is different. According to the requirements of different users, the sand production line manufacturers will scientifically select equipment according to the user's requirements, reasonable matching and strict spatial layout, so that the whole sand production line covers a small area and has high crushing quality, which greatly improves the user's investment efficiency.

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