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Previously, all by artificial material into the machine to break, so, it had low efficiency and high cost. The advent of the era of automation, brought great influence to the industry, explored the scientific research personnel through continuous innovation and improvement, to solve a lot of unnecessary trouble for the user. An important symbol of modern industrial development is the automation control method, and labor liberation is the ultimate goal of industrial development.

jaw crusher

Jaw crusher operation and control methods tend to compare mechanical rigid, what cannot adapt to modern scientific management, also will be rejected by the advanced modern management. Therefore, how to improve the structure of the crusher equipment industry and control method is the jaw crusher field development must first solve the problem. Control method is more advanced, more conducive to scientific management of ours.

Although the old version of jaw crusher structure is simple, but the degree of automation is not high. PEW series jaw crusher, at present, are using control and adjusting method of hydraulic equipment. This way is convenient to use and maintenance, and the system uses a programming design of microcomputer control. You can set access control program in a constant power output, also can be in constant feeding conditions set obtained the optimal particle size control program.

In terms of control mode, we have two kinds of control mode, one kind is centralized control, the other is a decentralized control or distributed control.

(1) Centralized control: This control is used for crushing and production system of central control room in the centralized control and technical parameters of the adjustment.

(2) Decentralized control or distributed control: This kind of control means, for single machine control fire in one process "centralized-distributed” control mode. Specifically, we can separate control of each workshop, and then the parameters of each workshop control can be displayed in the "central control room" can clock can also print, but the central control room can not centrally adjustment for each workshop. Only by feedback, and then enter the workshop for adjustment.

In industrial production, how to design the optimal control scheme is a complicated knowledge, we need a specific day production conditions are considered, and then a comprehensive conclusion.

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