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In recent years, the market of sand making machine is very hot. With the development of the capital construction industry and the emphasis on the quality of construction projects, the market of capital construction industry uses more and more sand, the quality requirements are higher and higher, but the qualified natural sand resources are less and less, and the mining control of natural sand is more and more strict.

Therefore, machine-made sand gradually began to replace natural sand and become the mainstream sand. The quality of machine-made sand products directly affects the quality of concrete, so it is very important to master the quality control elements of machine-made sand. This article shares four elements of quality control of manufactured sand.

Human Control

As the direct implementer of engineering construction, the professional technology level and quality awareness of operators are important factors affecting the quality of sandstone. The organizers and managers involved in the project also have a certain impact on the project quality. Therefore, in order to ensure the project quality effectively, it is necessary to control human factors. Improve the professional skills of relevant personnel, continue to educate the labor discipline of relevant personnel, and comprehensively enhance their quality.

Raw Material Control of Sand Making

Raw materials are the important factors that directly affect the quality of sand and stone products. The characteristics and structure of raw materials, as well as the factors that show different characteristics with the change of environment, are likely to cause quality accidents in an careless manner. Therefore, we must take raw materials seriously to ensure the quality of production materials.

What requirements should the raw materials of machine-made sand meet

Not all materials can be used to produce machine-made sand. When producing machine-made sand, there are certain requirements for raw materials, such as:

  • 1. The compressive strength of raw materials used to produce machine-made sand should not be less than 80 MPa, and the materials should not have potential alkali aggregate reaction activity, so clean, hard and soft particle free raw materials should be used.
  • 2. In terms of mine selection, avoid the use of mines with relatively poor quality, such as thick covering soil layer, more mud in interlayer and stratified rocks.
  • 3. Select the raw materials exposed in the rock stratum. If the above is covered with soil layer or contains weathered layer, it shall be removed in time.

Equipment Control

The principle, structure, debugging, operation, wear and so on of the equipment affect the scope of use of the equipment, which makes the equipment have certain limitations. For example, the selection of crushing equipment is directly related to product quality. Therefore, the equipment should be effectively controlled to ensure the efficient and healthy operation of the equipment, so as to avoid product quality problems.

Sand-making Process Method Control

The so-called method refers to the production process and skills and technology, and the process itself or product characteristics often lead to some problems in the production process. For example, it is difficult to control the moisture content of the finished sand when using the wet process to make artificial sand. It can be seen that in the case of different process systems, corresponding technologies should be reasonably used to prevent quality problems.

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