2019-03-08 15:26:41

With the shortage of natural sand supply and demand, artificial sand making has been widely used. Compared with natural sand, artificial sand production is more in line with the needs of engineering sand production. Sand production line is composed of sand making equipment and other ancillary equipment. According to different technological requirements, sand with different size can be processed.

Artificial sand production line is composed of a series of mechanical equipment, such as feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, conveyor, sand making machine, sand washing machine and vibrating screen. These equipment are combined to form a complete machine-made sand production line. Artificial sand production line equipment automation is high, the entire production process does not need to consume a lot of manpower and material resources, simple operation, time-saving and labor-saving, low energy consumption, can easily achieve large-scale production of artificial sand.

What are the advantages and characteristics of artificial sand production line?

1. Wider scope of application. At present, due to the continuous improvement of crushing hardness of crusher and the emergence of multi-stage crushing, the material selection of artificial sand making has become more extensive. It has been successfully applied to the crushing of limestone, basalt, granite, cobble and other rocks. The quality of finished products after crushing fully meets the national GB-2001 standard. It can provide qualified aggregate for highway, railway, water conservancy, concrete mixing station and other industries.

2. Convenient maintenance and operation mode, compared with other production line equipment maintenance is simple, and no matter from crusher to ball mill equipment are made of wear-resistant new materials, small loss, long service life has been guaranteed, can bring considerable economic benefits to customers.

3. The automation degree of operation process is higher. This production line transfers the finished product output from feeding to semi-finished products by the corresponding equipment. Can maximize the saving of manpower. Therefore, production efficiency and work efficiency will be greatly improved. In addition, through the combined application of various equipment, make use of the strengths to make up for weaknesses, so that the broken products are cubic, needle-like low content, no internal cracks, high compressive strength, better quality of finished products.