2019-10-18 09:47:43

On Oct. 14, 2019, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber & China Aggregates Association visited Zenith for in-depth exchange and sharing on the theme of green and environmental protection development of domestic and foreign aggregate industry.

In the meeting, Zenith introduced to the delegation the technology and concept in the design, manufacturing of mineral machinery equipment and ore crushing and processing technology. At the same time, the Austrian federal economic chamber also introduced the current situation, technology and concept of Austrian aggregate industry and green mine technology. They hoped that under the trend of economic globalization, Zenith could strengthen technical cooperation with Austrian and even more European enterprises to help realize the seamless connection between Chinese standards and European standards in mining machinery industry.

The communication with Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and China Aggregates Association is not only conducive for Zenith to understand the latest trends of the international aggregate industry, and on this basis, export higher quality equipment and process plans to the international market to adapt to the rising consumer demand, but also conducive to the international market to see the strength of Chinese brands, and create the possibility for more transnational cooperation.

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