Feldspar Crushing Plant

Feldspar Crushing

Feldspar is a general term for feldspar minerals. It is a common type of aluminosilicate rock-forming minerals containing calcium, sodium and potassium.

Crushing Processing
Sand Making

The Mohs hardness of feldspar is 6-6.5. Therefore, feldspar crushing generally chooses cone crusher for medium and fine crushing.

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Application: ceramic industry, glass industry and enamel industry

Production fineness: 0-5-10-31.5mm

Feldspar rich in potassium or sodium is mainly used in ceramic industry, glass industry and enamel industry.

Application: as ornamental stone and secondary Gemstone

Production fineness: 0-5-10-31.5mm

Feldspar with beautiful color can be used as decorative stone and inferior gemstone.

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