500TPH Basalt Crushing Project

Design Scheme

Material: Basalt

Input Size: >750mm

Output Size: 0-5mm、5-12mm、12-24mm、24-31mm、31-40mm

Capacity: 450-500Tons/Hour

Application: High Railway, High Way, concrete mixing station

Project Background

Basalt crushing is never an easy thing because it is characterized by rigidity, high strength and high abrasive resistance. So customers are confronted with various problems during operation. To help this customer solve the problems, ZENITH equipped its production line with 2 HST Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher on the basis of abundant experience in basalt crushing.


Transformation Scheme

1. Displace the Machines

Considering the conditions of previous machines, ZENITH's engineers replaced the low efficient crushers and took modes of multi-stage screening.

2. Improve the Production Technology of Crushing Production Line

PLC intelligent operation system and dust collector were taken to ensure efficient and eco-friendly production line.


Customer Feedback

Since operation, the basalt crushing production line has been stable. The fine finished products are popular though the prices are higher.


Extended Reading

Traditional Cone Crusher VS Single Hydraulic Cone Crusher

1. Working Principle

Different from traditional cone crusher, single hydraulic cone crusher takes lamination crushing which can achieve not only collision between materials and the plates but also the collision among materials.

2. Granularity

High content of needle-like materials in concrete must exert a negative impact on strength of concrete. The ideal shape shall be cubic. For granularity, content of needle-like materials produced by traditional cone crusher is as high as 15% while by HST single cylinder cone crusher below 8%.

3. Crushing Efficiency

Lamination crushing boasts high efficiency. It can be ascribed to the formation of material layers. The squeeze among dense materials can achieve efficient crushing effect.

4. Wear of Plates

Traditional cone crusher incurs terrible abrasion easily because of its crushing mode while the lamination crushing mode took by HST single cylinder cone crusher only has a slight impact on wear of plates.

Customer Cases

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