120TPH Tailing Crushing Project

Design Scheme

Daily operation: 12h

Material: Tailing

Equipment: VU-120 Aggregate Optimization System

Input Size: 0-15mm

Finished Product: High-quality machine-made sand (0-5mm)

Project Profile

The project was invested to produce machine-made sand by crushing the tailing of cement mine. Previously, the stone scrap (0-15mm) was used as the waste. After purchasing a set of VU-120 Aggregate Optimization System from our company, the waste (stone scrap) was processed to be high-quality machine-made sand with fineness modulus within 2.1-3.2. The waste was turned into treasure and by processing it the customer can get tens of millions of yuan every year.

Customer Feedback

Previously, the stone scrap (0-15mm) was discarded as waste. The disposal of waste gave rise to considerable expenditures. Now, we process the scrap into the machine-made sand. Not only does the waste get disposal, but also we make profits. Just as an old saying puts, “killing two birds with one stone”.

----Manager Mr. Liu

Customer Cases

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