The Application Of Cone Crusher Automation Technology

2024-01-22 16:18:15

Cone crusher automation technology has revolutionized the crushing industry by improving efficiency, accuracy, and control. Traditional cone crushers rely on manual adjustments to control product size, resulting in time-consuming and inefficient operations. However, with the introduction of advanced control systems, such as the Tank Instrumentation System (TIMS), cone crushers can now be automated for optimal performance.

The Application Of Cone Crusher Automation Technology

Combined with the international situation, control system introduced selects the main driving motor power as the controlled parameter. Tank instrumentation system (TIMS) provide the correct control logic, used for crusher operation of auxiliary system, lubrication and positive pressure dust system), it is compatible with many different Settings of the control system. Signal which can accept multiple sensors from the fuel tank and its surrounding, at the same time, monitored the received signal data, and with the TIMS in comparison with the value of these signals in the program, and then to the cone crusher control system outputs the corresponding signal. Cone crusher control system uses the input signal to start and stop the motor, activate the alarm signal, and in a state of emergency shut down and broken the main motor.

TIMS monitoring features include: the portal to the lubricating system and oil return back to oil, lubricating oil temperature, entrance pressure, horizontal axis lubrication system of the lubrication, the lubrication system filter pressure difference on both ends and horizontal axis lubrication system on both ends of the filter pressure differential, medium oil tank, the positive pressure dust system pressure (air) and the main lubricating oil box medium oil temperature, etc., detection of the above data to dynamically adjust the feeder feeding quantity, make the load of crusher stable operation within a set of requirements, this system has perfect protection function.

In the crushing system, realize the load control and crushing machine fault diagnosis and protection in crusher, the automatic control system for crushing cone based on the research and development of advanced technology. The main parameters of the crusher control system to control the selection of the main drive motor power, speed and breaker gape size two parameters as the controlled variable.

Cone crusher feed in the feed position is detected by ultrasonic material, and be controlled in the saturation point, the material level signal compared with C1 controller of material level value, According to the established model controller to adjust deviation, it outputs a signal as the output of the feed rate control.

Automation system mainly includes: crushing cone feeding operation, screening, crushing, belt transport operations. Through the computer network system to realize the online optimization of production scheduling and management, so that the production process in the best condition, increase crushing material, technical and economic indicators to maximize. Through the practical application in the field of automatic control system of crusher, constitute the crusher as the center, the whole process of give attention to two or more things, crushed and broken in a complete system.

With cone crusher automation, crushing efficiency can increase by approximately 15%, achieving a higher proportion of finely qualified sizes and saving over 20%. Equipment failure rates are significantly reduced, contributing to increased yield, improved quality, enhanced efficiency, and energy consumption reduction. By leveraging advanced control systems and optimizing the entire crushing system, the industry can achieve remarkable advancements in performance, productivity, and sustainability.

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