How Much Does A Granite Stone Crusher Cost In Kenya?

2024-01-18 15:22:50

Kenya, located in Eastern Africa, is blessed with abundant mineral resources. Granite is one of the most common ores found in Kenya, along with other solid minerals such as marble, dolomite, and basalt. The granite deposits in Kenya are primarily located in areas like Nairobi, Masai Mara, Kisumu, and Voi. Hence, granite is among the most available and affordable building material.

Granite mining in Kenya is highly prevalent and serves as a crucial building material. The granite found in the region exhibits excellent physical properties and durability, making it a widely used and cost-effective construction material. It is extensively utilized not only in construction and road building but also in interior decoration, sculpture, and the manufacturing of stone products. In the past, it was mined manually but now there are sophisticated equipment that make quarrying very easy.

How to Arrange Granite Crushing Production Line

In granite stone quarrying and mining operation, crushing will be the first processing stage. It is important to know which types of crushers are suitable for granite stone crushing, since choosing right crushing machine can optimize production efficiency and minimize operation cost.

granite crusher price in kenya

As for granite, due to it hardness, it requires crushing machine which can deal hard stone and rocks. ZENITH is the professional stone crushing machine manufacturer, we provide jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and VSI crusher for various types of hard and medium hard stones. Jaw crusher can be applied in primary crushing stage in granite stone crushing, impact crusher and cone crusher are often applied in second crushing operation, VSI crusher can be used in fine sand crushing applications. ZENITH experts will design cost-effective crushing solution according to your requirements with lowest cost and price.

In stone crushing operations, the arrange of granite crushing production line andlayout of crushing plants and optional equipment and structures is a crucial factor in meeting production requirements meantime keeping capital and operational costs to a minimum.

The extracted raw stone materials will be transported from the blast site to the primary crusher. Depending on the design of the crusher machine, a feeder may or may not be required before the primary crusher. The haul trucks load the shot rock into the primary jaw crusher, which feeds the rocks to a primary vibrating screen, which directs larger stone to a surge pile and smaller stone to a stockpile. The surge pile acts as a buffer between the primary crushing plant and the secondary crushing plant. Located at the bottom of the surge pile is a tunnel, which feeds the secondary crusher plant. The rocks leaving the secondary crusher are screened in the multiple screen decks, which direct the rocks to different size stockpiles. The larger size rocks from the secondary screen are directed to a tertiary crusher machine.

Granite Crusher Price in Kenya

As we all know, the production line for granite guarrying has several necessary units, such as crushing unit, conveying machines, feeding equipment, and other auxilary machines. The key parts of granite quarrying line can be considered as the crushing unit. As for the crusher machines used for granite crushing production line, they can be divided into the jaw crusher, impact crusher, and cone crusher.

Jaw crusher is kind of granite crusher which performs as the primary crusher, the feeding size of which can reach 1000mm, and also the final size of granite dust may be adjusted from 10-100 mm. Cone crusher is another kind of granite quarrying machine which is used as the secondary crusher. Jaw crushers are large stationary crushers and are available in a variety of models. They are generally fairly simple in design, making them easy to maintain or repair. There are large, medium and small scale jaw crusher for your choice.

ZENITH Cone Crusher adopts computer optimization design to speed up the speed of main shaft. The unique crushing chamber replace system can quickly replace components in crushing chamber to meet different size requirement.

For high productivity, low operating and wear costs, long service life, and high product yield with desired fines, there's no better choice than a cone crusher. The cone crusher equipment has proved revolutionary in providing higher capacity and superior product quality, and in providing a wider range of application suitability. From limestone to taconite, from ballast production to manufactured sand, and from small portable plants, cone crushers provide unbeatable performance in secondary, tertiary, and quaternary applications.

ZENITH cone crusher is available with different series according specific crushing applications, If you want to know granite stone cone crusher price or how to arrange a crushing production line, or any other information, please contact us.

How to Improve Crusher Efficiency?

  • 1. Run the crushers at or near full load at all times
  • 2. Use premium efficiency motors and cogged V-belts (savings can range from 5 to 15% of existing costs)
  • 3. If possible, achieve greatest size reduction in the primary stage
  • 4. In the secondary and tertiary crushing stages, use crushers that accurately provide the material size required in one pass
  • 5. Minimize/eliminate the re-circulating load circuits and shut off equipment when not needed

ZENITH is global supplier and manufacturer of crushing, grinding and sand making plant. We developed complete series of granite crushing production line in Kenya for sale. These crusher plant also exported all over the world, such as in Zambia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Turkey, Israel, Brazil, Indonesia etc.

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