How To Control Mud Content In Manufactured-sand By Sand Making Machine

2020-08-11 15:25:31

To control the mud content in finished products is crucial for manufactured aggregates which are made by sand making machine. The mud content control of finished aggregate products includes source control, system processing technology control and production organization measures.
sand making machine

The source control is mainly to reasonably organize the construction of stockyard, strictly distinguish the boundary between weak weathering and strong weathering, and take the strongly weathered material as waste material which won’t processed by sand making machine.

System processing technology control: Wet sand making operation is generally adopted in areas with relatively rich water resources. As for wet operation, except sand making machine, it also should be set up special stone washing equipment, added high-pressure water to the screening equipment, or added high-pressure water washing on the linear vibration dewatering screen before entering the finished product storage yard after screening and classification. Wet process is often used in hydropower projects, which can effectively ensure that the mud content of aggregate reaches the standard.

In water-short areas, the coarse crushing materials can be separated and processed by screening equipment to screen out the particles of 0 ~ 20 mm. At present, the stone and sand making machine often uses this method to discard part of the raw materials with high mud content.
sand making plant

The production organization measures are mainly prohibiting irrelevant equipment and personnel from entering the finished products storage yard. The stacking site surface should be flat, with appropriate slope and drainage facilities, to prevent mud water outside the workshop from entering into the storage yard and avoid secondary pollution. The storage time of finished products from sand making machine should not be too long, and it should be used in a timely manner.

The quality of aggregate directly affects the quality of concrete and engineering. The quality of aggregate depends on its raw material quality, crushing equipment and sand making machine selection, processing technology, operation management level and many other factors, so it must be strictly controlled in the whole process of design and operation.

Zenith can provide professional suggestion. Reasonable sand making solution should be designed according to the specific raw material property, weather condition and water resources in your area, and all your other requirements.

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