2020-03-26 11:22:09

There will be some faults in ultrafine mill working process. These faults maintenance has relationship with the machine's service lifetime, output and clients' operation costs. And so it needs to pay attention to the special faults maintenance. To do the maintenance work, it needs to pay attention to the following tips.

ultrafine grinding mill

The central bearing of ultrafine mill host needs to add oil for four working times and the classifier bearing needs to have lubrication each week. All the mineral ore machines need to have lubrication. The machine's lubrication is to reduce the friction between the parts of milling machine. Reducing the friction will reduce the parts wearing speed and then it will reduce the clients' operation costs.

The bearing temperature is no more than 70 degree in ultrafine grinding mill production line. As an important part, the bearing is used to transport the energy and bear the machine weight. Its temperature can show the machine's working situation from some extent. When there is other material appearing in the machine or it is worn, it will make the friction increase and then the temperature will increase. The higher temperature in return increases the worn of the bearing. It will form the vicious circle.

It needs to change the wear parts timely. Wear parts directly contact with the materials for there are many grinding rollers in the machine. The main wear parts of ultrafine mill include rotary table, grinding roller, grinding ring and axle pin and so on. Rotary table, grinding roller and grinding ring are the parts directly contacting with the materials and axle pin is used to fix grinding roller on the millstone. These wear parts service lifetime have their own time limit. You can have a good understanding of these parts' service life depending on the theory service life and the actual production situation. When you have grasp these, you can prevent the serious wear of wear parts.

The above are the three maintenance tips in ultrafine mill production line and we do hope they will be useful.

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