2019-03-26 15:47:06

Sand production line is used to produce sand and stone for construction. The common equipments used in this production line are jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, vibration screen, sand washing machine, etc. The sand making system composed of stone crusher and sand making machine is the core of the whole equipment. It crushes all kinds of ore raw materials into the required size of finished materials. A sand production line can be composed of several crushers and sand making machines. These crushers have different mechanical properties and work together to complete the crushing of stone. Sand making machine is the core equipment of sand production line, so it is one of the preconditions to ensure the excellent performance of the production line to configure a suitable sand making machine.

sand making machine in the sand production line

Sand making machine has a wide range of applications: machine-made artificial stone, sand yard, high-grade highway, railway, water conservancy, construction, cement, metallurgy, glass sand and other industries. It can be successfully applied to the crushing of limestone, basalt, granite, pebble and other materials. It is less affected by the moisture content of materials, and the moisture content can reach about 8%. Qualified aggregates are provided for roads, railways, water conservancy, concrete mixing stations and other professions.

Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction: The new sand making machine focuses on energy saving and consumption reduction, greatly reducing production costs, investment is lower than 35%-50% of the same scale of traditional process equipment, and output efficiency is higher than 35%-50% of the same scale of traditional process equipment. Installation and maintenance are simple, easy to operate and use, long-term operation and maintenance costs are low.

Good Grain Shape: The new sand making machine used in sand production line not only has large processing capacity and high output, but also improves the output by 30% and is stable compared with the traditional equipment under the same power. The product has excellent grain shape, cubic shape, good grain shape, graded coordination and adjustable fineness modulus. It is especially suitable for artificial sand making and stone shaping. Practice has proved that it is better than other traditional equipment in sand making and shaping.