Attentions For Vibrating Screen Installation And Commissioning

2020-08-25 17:34:46

Vibrating screen is important auxiliary equipment in mining production. If the installation and commissioning are not standardized at the beginning, it is equivalent to burying hidden troubles. Therefore, it is necessary to know skills in the installation and commissioning of vibrating screen.

vibrating screen

1. Preparation before vibrating screen installation

After purchasing the vibrating screen, attention should be paid to the storage environment requirements and rust prevention.

Before the installation of the vibrating screen, it is necessary to do a good job of inspection, and timely replace the rusty and aging seals in the inventory and the damage parts in the transportation, and operate according to the instructions to ensure that the installation conforms to the process.

2. Vibrating Screen Installation

1) Install supports or hangers.

Before installing the vibrating screen, the ground should be leveled and compacted to prevent problems caused by uneven ground surface in the running process. All components should be installed in strict order according to the supporting or hoisting drawings. Before installing the spring components, the actual stiffness of the end mark should be matched.

2) Connect the screen box to the supporting or hanging device.

After installation, it should be adjusted according to the specified inclination angle. For hanging vibrating screen, the inclination angle of screen box and the level of main shaft of screen box should be adjusted at the same time. Generally, the horizontal levelness should be adjusted first to eliminate the deflection of screen box. After horizontal correction, adjust the longitudinal inclination angle of screen box.

The force of vibration isolation spring should be uniform, and its stress can be judged by measuring the compression amount of spring. Generally, the compression of the two sets of springs at the feeding end must be the same, so should the two sets of springs at the discharge end. The amount of spring compression at the discharge end and the feed end can be different.

3) Install the motor and V-belt.

During installation, the foundation of the motor should be leveled, the level of the motor needs to be corrected, the center lines of the groove corresponding to the two belt wheels should coincide, and the tension of the V-belt should be appropriate.

4) Install and fix the vibrating screen surface as required.

5) Check whether there is collision between the feeding chute and discharge chute and the funnel under the vibrating screen.

3. Test running of vibrating screen

1) Test run time of vibrating screen without load shall not be less than 8h.

During this time, observe whether the vibrating screen starts smoothly and rapidly, whether the vibration and operation are stable, and whether there is any special noise. Observe whether the amplitude meets the requirements through the amplitude plate.

2) When the vibrating screen is running, the vibration of the screen box should not produce yaw.

In case of yaw, the reason may be that the spring height difference on both sides is too large, the tension of hanging steel wire rope is uneven, the rotating shaft is not horizontal or the V-belt is too tight, so it should be adjusted accordingly.

3) The temperature of the bearing increases gradually within 4 hours of the start-up and then keeps stable.

The maximum temperature shall not exceed 75℃ and the temperature rise shall not exceed 40 ℃.

4) If there is abnormal noise or the bearing temperature rises sharply after the start-up, the vibrating screen should be shut down immediately. Check whether the shaft rotates flexibly and whether the lubrication is good, etc., and start it after troubleshooting.

5) The vibrating screen should be stopped after 2 ~ 4 hours of operation, and checked whether the connecting parts are loose. If there is looseness, start the machine after fastening.

6) If there is no fault after 8 hours of commissioning, the installation engineering can be accepted.

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