2022-02-11 09:20:53

The launch ceremony of this mobilization meeting for the 2022 was held on February 10th. All departments of ZENITH attended this meeting and made their promise. They defined their goals for the New Year, and enhanced their confidence at the meeting.

"After listening to your vows for 2022, one thing I know for sure is that we can achieve our business aims successfully with your joint efforts and the guidance of principle ‘focused, professional and dedicated'' for the operation. We will forge our quality with care and elaboration, and mold our resplendence with sincere and persistence. Then we can realize the success of our customers and it's also our success." The chairman said at the meeting. In 2022, ZENITH will welcome the New Year with a positive attitude and create new brilliance again. The god will never fail those who work hard. Let's go for the future together!

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