Stone Crusher Machine Price Across Global Markets

2024-04-11 16:34:57

The Importance of Stone Crusher in Construction and Mining

Stone crusher, also known as rock crusher or stone crushing plant, play a vital role in construction projects and mining operations around the world. They are designed to break down large rocks, ores or other mineral materials into smaller sizes for further processing or uses.

Common types of stone crushers include portable crusher plant, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, mobile crusher and gyratory crusher, depending on the material properties and desired output. These crushing machines reduce raw materials such as granite, basalt and limestone into various aggregate sizes suited for asphalt, concrete and other construction applications.

Stone Crusher Machine Price Across Global Markets

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Stone Crusher Price Across Global Markets

The price of stone crusher machines can vary significantly between countries due to factors like local manufacturing, taxes, transportation costs and currency fluctuations. Let's examine typical price ranges in key markets to understand regional market dynamics and investment requirements.

Stone Crusher Machine Price in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has strong demand from its construction industry. Jaw crusher from 40-60 tph range from LKR 12-18 million. Cone crusher at 100-120 tph cost around LKR 25-30 million on average. Imports face 3-5% in transport fees. Higher duties augment prices 10-15%.

Stone Crusher Machine Price in Sri Lanka

Stone Crusher Machine Price in Pakistan

Pakistan focuses on infrastructure projects. Primary jaw crusher of 75-100 tph are available for PKR 15-20 million. Secondary and tertiary cone crusher of similar capacities are priced around PKR 22-28 million. Local manufacturing and parts availability help lower imported equivalents by 10-15%.

Stone Crusher Machine Price in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is boosting investments in quarrying and mining. Jaw crusher of 50-80 tph typically cost USD 150,000-250,000, while cone crusher of 100-150 tph range from USD 280,000-380,000. Shipment costs from Asia are high at 15-20% due to long sea routes and complex logistics.


Stone Crusher Machine Price in South Africa

South Africa has a developed mining industry with global OEMs. Mobile plants with 130-180 tph capacity sell for ZAR 7-10 million. Stationary plants cost more but have lower freight. Imports face 10-15% duties. Parts and service networks keep ownership costs competitive.

Stone Crusher Machine Price in Philippines

The Philippines relies on crushing for construction materials. Mobile crusher with 80-120 tph capacity range from PHP 18-25 million. Mobile crusher see higher demand due to frequent relocation needs and start from PHP 12-16 million for 50-80 tph units. Import taxes add 10-12% to prices.

mobile crusher price in Philippines

Stone Crusher Machine Price in India

India has a large domestic crushing industry. Jaw crusher from 75-100 tph sell for INR 7-10 million locally manufactured. Cone crusher at similar capacities cost INR 10-13 million. World-class R&D and manufacturing hubs have made India highly cost-competitive.

Stone Crusher Machine Price in Kenya

Kenya is executing ambitious infrastructure goals. Complete mobile crushing plant with up to 150 tph capacity sell for around KES 80-110 million. Stationary plants require lowest transportation costs but have higher initial investment needs. Imports face duties of 25-30%.

ZENITH — A Reliable Partner for High-quality Stone Crusher

ZENITH is, based in China, a well-known crusher and grinding mill manufacturer that offers equipment and solutions for customers from aggregates, mining and mineral grinding industry.

ZENITH has several factories occupying 120hm²in total and sets 30+ overseas branches over the world. So far, ZENITH has supplied 8000+ customer companies from 180+ countries or regions with professional products and services.

ZENITH factory

ZENITH Factory

Product Range

Our stone crusher includes mobile crusher, portable crusher plant, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, gyratory crusher and sand making machine. All models are certified for highest reliability and performance standards. We also offer customized crushing plant designs and configurations to meet specific project needs.

Pricing Advantage

Leveraging extensive R&D and manufacturing expertise, we provide competitive pricing for clients. Coupled with a nationwide service network, fast installation and repairs lower total equipment ownership costs substantially.

After-Sales Support

ZENITH is committed to continuous innovation to deliver top-quality crushers and comprehensive after-sales support. Working with us ensures efficient operation of crushing projects through optimized solutions and minimized downtime.

For more product information or quotations, please contact us online. ZENITH aims to be your trusted partner in mining equipment for optimized crushing operations worldwide.

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