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Stone can be found worldwide and it is often a waste material that is too large for regular construction use. Any stone that is extremely large will be broken down as much as possible and then returned through the machine if necessary in order to obtain the correct texture of sand.

rock sand crushing machinery

Manufactured sand rock, also known as manufactured sand, is a form of artificial sand that is made worldwide and used to produce various industrial products including asphalt and concrete. Manufactured sand is necessary because of an extreme worldwide shortage of natural sand. Manufactured sand is produced by crushing rock with a large impact crushing machine. We provides complete range of rock sand crushing machinery in China and all over the world, including sand making machine, jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, gyratory crusher, mobile crusher etc.

Rock Stone Types


Silica is one specific stone that is used to make manufactured rock sand. Silica sand production goes through four stages before it is complete. The sand is washed, sieved, crushed and dried. Silica sand is used throughout the world in industrial processing, especially in the production of concrete.


Coarse-grained quartz stones are used to produce a special type of manufactured sand. Quartz sand can be produced to meet various size requirements. Crushed quartz sand is also used to produce ceramic and glass products.


Granite is another form of stone that is broken down in order to produce manufactured sand. Sand that is made from granite is used to build roads, bricks and concrete because of its texture and strength.

Sand Crushing Production Line

Specifications vary from region to region for manufactured rock sand. Solutions should be customized on best practices to meet what the market requires. Zenith provides complete crushing and separation solutions for high quality manufactured sand.

The complete sand crushing production line equipment for sale includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, mobile sand crushing plant, sand washing machine, screening plant, classifier, dryer etc. The production line ensures the producers high energy efficiency and capacity, good product gradation, a high reduction ratio and low sensitivity to rock hardness.

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