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Tailings from gold mining operations can pose a threat to the environment and health of nearby communities. How to make best use of the gold mine tailings is very important to the environment. We provides the advanced equipment for gold mine tailings.

equipment for gold mine tailings

Gold Tailings Mining Equipment

Sand making machine has traditionally been used in gold mine tailings quarrying industry for the production of high quality aggregates. Sand making machine offers a versatile solution to gold mine tailings crushing and shaping applications due to its operational variables of cascade control, rotor speed and rotor design, which give control over product shape and gradation.

Sand making machine has had a huge impact on the global gold mine tailings quarrying and minerals processing industries. The machine is unique due to its crushing process. Whereas most other types of crusher use metallic parts to crush rock, the equipment uses the rock fed into the machine to crush itself. This autogenous crushing process produces the best-shaped aggregate on the market today. The high velocity impact crushing achieved in a gold mine tailings equipment improves the soundness and shape of stone, reducing product moisture and easing the screening task while producing superior products at a minimum cost.

Gold mine tailings sand making machine is an excellent third or fourth stage reduction unit and has demonstrated a unique ability to operate in many demanding and diverse crushing operations in construction, industrial minerals, metallic minerals and waste and recycling applications. This is possible because of the unique free impact crushing and grinding action and the ability to fine tune this process by simply changing rotor speed or cascade ratio. Coupled with lower wear costs, the result has seen the sand making machine find applications not only in traditional quarry and mining plants, but also in a range of industrial mineral and specialist crushing operations.

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