2021-05-26 11:30:59

Cone crusher is mainly used in artificial sand production plant to process river pebble and construction waste. It is suitable for the coarse and medium crushing of brittle lump materials in in cement, chemical, electric power, mining, metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials, coal mines and other industries. Cone crusher has large feeding size and adjustable discharge size, can be used to crush raw materials with compressive strength less than 160MPa.

In the production process of cone crusher, due to improper operation or abnormal state of cone crusher, it will cause material blockage. Raw material blockage in cone crusher will cause the halt of cone crusher, wasting much time to clean the blocked raw material, produce serious affect to production. In this article, we mainly introduce the 4 reasons that cause raw material blockage in cone crusher.

1. Improper Feeding Of Raw Material

To process different types of raw materials, we should choose different types of cone crushers. If the raw material to be crushed is not suitable for cone crusher, it is very easy to cause damage to the wear parts of cone crusher; in addition, improper feeding method will also cause the blockage of cone crusher. If the feeding volume of raw material is too much and cone crusher runs overloaded, it will also cause the raw material blockage.

2. Improper Adjustment Of Discharge Opening

The discharge opening of cone crusher can be adjusted. In the production process of cone crusher, if the discharge opening is not adjusted according to the actual production requirements, the crushed raw materials cannot be discharged in time, and stay in the crushing cavity; in addition, the volume of raw materials is too large and exceeds the parameter range of the discharge opening, lead to the crushed raw materials cannot be discharged. Both of these two cases are likely cause the raw material blockage in cone crusher.

3. Equipment Failure Of Cone Crusher

During the operation process of cone crusher, if the motor fails, it will cause damage to the pulleys and bearings, slippage of the conveyor belt and even burning. The motor cannot normally provide kinetic energy for cone crusher, which will also cause the raw material blockage in cone crusher.

4. Foreign Materials In The Crushing Cavity Of Cone Crusher

If there are foreign materials in the crushing cavity of cone crusher and they are not dealt with in time, the raw materials fed into the crushing cavity cannot be effectively crushed due to the lack of crushing space. And the existence of the foreign materials will also affect the discharge of the crushed products, and causes the blockage in cone crusher.

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